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Based in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, the teams at Cellap Laboratoire apply the latest findings in cosmetic science to their work. The term cosmeceutical is frequently used when referring to our phyto and cellular products. This recently coined term is a blend of the words pharmaceutical and cosmetic - a perfect term to describe our products that use cutting-edge, scientific formulations for cosmetic purposes.

This unique alliance between the world of beauty and that of science is what lies behind the “The Science of Staying Young” slogan that accompanies our entire range of beauty lines. Only the very best active ingredients, which have been scientifically selected and skilfully balanced to ensure the optimum effect on the skin, are used to formulate our Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges. Made up of experts in their fields, Cellap Laboratoire's R&D department is one of the few in the world to have mastered both cellular technology (cyto bio-complexes) and plant technology (phyto bio-complexes)

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