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Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

Dry Cold chamber which helps to:
* Accelerate Muscle recovery
* Boost Metabolism & Burn up to 800 cals
* Reduce pains & Inflammations
* Strengthen the immune system
* Sleep better
* Rejuvenate Skin & Spirit

All garments provided on site.
Total session, including changing time, should take you 15 minutes.


Cryotherapy Session


Discover the numerous benefits of Cryotherapy at this special first trial offer price.

Come Chill with us!


Cryotherapy Session


Allows to book a Cryotherapy session on the go at any time available on our schedule.

The perfect cool fix!




Want to bring a friend with you inside the chamber to share your Cryo session?

This Add-on allows you to do just that!

Can be combined with any trial, single session, packages, or memberships.

Programmes & Packages

Find the best way to reach your specific objectives, while benefiting from priority bookings 7 days before anybody else.


Boost Immunity

£169.00/28 days

1 Cryotherapy session to use per week.

Auto-renewal, cancel any time.


Boost Metabolism

£249.00/28 days

2 Cryotherapy sessions to use per week.

Auto-renewal, cancel any time.




Intensive one-off program of 10 Cryotherapy, to be taken over a chosen 3 weeks period.

Helps to alleviate any Pain, reduce inflammation or recover from an Injury.

+ 1 Guest Pass.


Recover Like Pro Athletes


Get an Edge with Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions.

+ 1 Monthly Guest Pass.

Auto-monthly renewal, cancel any time.


Relax on our Medistream Spa bed with our brainLight device (optional) for:
* a regular up to 30 min session, or
* combine several single sessions to indulge even longer
* No changing of clothes necessary
* 13 different massage with emphasis on different body regions
* 50 Luminotherapy/brainLight programs, from simple relaxing music to more dedicated ones (stop smoking, learn piano, ...)
* Great in conjunction with a Cryotherapy session


Massage/Luminotherapy Session


Your first session to discover the benefits of this relaxing and stimulating treatment.

Come experience the next station of health optimization.


Massage/Luminotherapy Session


Allows to book a session, whenever you decide, to Indulge and enjoy this relaxing treatment


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